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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of piano should I buy?

You should buy the piano that sings to you...I do not recommend that you order a piano and take delivery on “one just like it” out of a crate. No matter how generic pianos appear to be, because of variations in wood, hammers, strings, etc. give each piano its own character.

How often should I have my piano tuned?

This depends on frequency of play, weather conditions where the piano is located, and the demands of the player. A general rule is 3-4 times the first year for brand new instruments, 6-12 months for pianos that have stabilized after a few years.

What other kind of work will my piano need?

After a time, new pianos will need regulation and voicing in addition to tuning. The hammers get compacted and create a brighter sound, things get out of adjustment as the action felts compress. For high quality new grands, this is usually within 2-3 years if it gets played frequently, sometimes sooner. Again, no two instruments are alike.

What is the best piano?

There is no clear cut answer here. You have to look around and find something you like. If you’re unfamiliar with pianos, as most people are, having a technician check it out is a good idea. Teachers can be helpful, but are usually unfamiliar with the technical aspects of pianos.